Products and Services

All of our syrup is bottled hot into glass for freshness and quality. Please recycle your jars when finished. Thank you to all of our customers, we really wouldn’t be where we are without you!

Our sizes and Prices are as follows:

Retail (1 or more) Bulk (6 or more) Wholesale (12 or more)
500 ml Bottles $12 each $10 each $9 each
Liter Bottles $20 each $19 each $17 each
Gallon Jugs $65 $60 $55
*Please keep refrigerated after opening


250 ml Jar $9 each
*Please keep refrigerated

Special Event Coming Up?

We can also fill special wedding and party favor orders. Get in touch with us if you wish to discuss bottling options, sizes, quantity and dates. Thank you for keeping us in mind for your special events!

We vend annually at The Barry’s Bay Farmers Market and you can catch us there in the summer months. Please see links below for more info and contact for Barry’s Bay Market.’s_Bay_Farmers’_Market.html

We also process orders via e-mail, facebook messenger, or phone. We are able to deliver locally as well as to Ottawa and area. We sometimes make it to Toronto for deliveries as well.
Raene and Alex Davies
Phone: 613-281-1267
Facebook link